We got 3 Board Positions in Top 3 in SSC Board Exam 2021; Our Position Holders are Hurain Afridi (Second, 1096/1100); Kunzul Eman (Second, 1096/1100) & Kashaf ud Duja (Third, 1094/1100);Bright Star “Uzair Arshad” (Admission No: 2105932, BS Mechanical) has been awarded “CM KPK Scholarship”, worth 3 million with admission at Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology (GIKI). Scholarship Program 2021-22 for Admission in FSc. Haleema Siddique earned the honour of 3rd Position in FSC Top 3, 2nd Position in Pre-Medical & First Position in District Haripur in Board Exam 2020

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  • Our brilliant student Tayyab Shakeel scored 997/1100 in FSc board result 2020 and stood among boys in district Haripur.
  • Our STAR Student Ms Haleema Siddique got over all THIRD position in TOP-3 and SECOND position in Pre-Medical Group in FSC Board Result 2020. She is First in District Haripur.