Counseling & Guidance

Counseling services aim to “Fostering students’ development in areas: Personality Grooming, Academic Excellence, Social Involvement, Multicultural/Global Citizenship

Career Development, Suitable Placement and Spiritualism that is “Holistic Development” of students. Cognizant to the requirement and international paradigm of present-day education, our educational psychologists provide counseling services to up-date knowledge and impart practical skills with meaningful positive attitude at school & college level, not only to students, but also sensitize their parents and empower teachers.

Outcomes of Counseling Services

Counseling services being provided at Bright Vision Model School & College enables students to develop “Holistically” encompassing the following:

  • Developing constructive and productive citizens for Ummah, nation and globe as well.
  • Grooming personality of students so as they take healthy decision in life.
  • Enabling students to meet ever growing competitive intellectual environment of education and professional market.
  • Sharpening the memorization, retention and screening skills of students.
  • Growing social and life skills of students by enhancing self-esteem, self-awareness, self-confidence and self-control.
  • Addressing psychological, emotional and distressing issues.
  • Sensitizing parents to keep available for their children with required affection, quality time and life facilities as per developmental standards.
  • Empowering the teaching staff to prepare the students according to the teaching standards as described by educational psychology.

Rationale for Counseling & Guidance Services

Counseling & Guidance Services promote and strengthen learning and development of students through individual and group counseling services & guidance. In order to meet the dynamic and ever growing trends of educational environment of the globe language terminology, followed in counseling services, has been used in educational context to reflect professional thinking. Focal point for counseling personals is to be students’ advocate in their career developing, learning new skills and empowering knowledge with positive attitude.

Every student needs to be sound in intellectual health, emotions regulation/ expression skills and balanced personality to achieve maximum benefits from educational programs in schooling which ultimately leads to career progression. Individuality and development of students in the areas of professional/occupational choices, academic achievements, personality development as well as social and citizenship are central points of counseling & guidance services.


Scope of Counseling & Guidance Services

The core purpose of counseling services is systematically assess students’ skills and developmental needs in order to strengthen their academic achievements, personal/social enrichment, community involvement and career development. These services intended at students’ development model to empower students in acquiring age/grade appropriate knowledge, skills within the scope and positive attitude as mentioned below:

(1)     Students will acquire knowledge and skills enriched with positive attitude to ensure career development and lifelong learning.

(2)     Students will acquire the academic excellence necessary to choose from wide range of educational, training and employment options.

(3)     Students will acquire self-knowledge necessary to explore and know about aptitude to take informed career decisions.

(4)     Students will develop skills to understand and appreciate themselves and others.

(5)     Students will identify and utilize processes to set and achieve goals, make decisions, and solve problems.

(6)     Students will develop the knowledge and skills to become contributing citizens in a multicultural society and global community.

Facets of Development

The instrumental areas of development addressed under the umbrella of counseling services are as under:

  • Academic Excellence
    • Time Management
    • Study/Reading Skills
    • Classroom Participation
    • Difficulty in Studies/Academia
    • Test/Exam Anxiety
  • Personal / Social Development
    • Good Habits Formation
    • Positive Attitude
    • Public Performance Anxiety
    • Emotions Management
    • Peer Pressure Difficulties
    • Relationship Management
    • Social Skills
  • Career Development
    • Career Counseling
    • Work Stress Management
    • Intrinsic & Extrinsic Motivation
    • Knowledge & Skills of Advance Technology
    • Placement in Educational & Professional Institutions

Parents/Students Message

Parents and students are encouraged to meet/contact our Counseling Personals in case you find any symptom from the following in your children:

  • Academics Challenges
    • Frequent Absenteeism
    • Decrease in Learning Activities
    • Test Dropping Frequently
    • Poor Performance in Tests
    • Intellectual Growth Challenges
    • Decreased Attention Span
    • Low Attention Span
    • Decline in Academic Performance
    • Overreaction to Mild Criticism
  • Personal / Social Concerns
    • Negative Attitude
    • Bad Habits
    • Careless about Personal Appearance
    • Disciplinary Problems
    • Diminished Interest in Hobbies/Sports
    • Distinct Behavioral Change
    • Excessive Sleeping
    • Frequent Change of Friends
    • Hyperactivity
    • Irritability
    • Laughing Inappropriately
    • Poor Time Management
    • Rapid or Explosive Speech
    • Slow or Slurred Speech
    • Using Street Language
    • Sluggishness
  • Emotional Changes
    • Emotional Instability
    • Depressed Feelings
    • Disrespectful Behaviors
    • Extreme Mood Swings
    • Excessive Feelings of Sadness
    • Increased Tardiness
    • Observable Expressions of Anger/Sadness
    • Poor Anger Management