Health is the greatest gift of God. Healthy mind requires a sound body. The student cases of serious illness are referred to the specialists and admitted to the Civil/Private and other quality Hospitals and parents are informed quickly.


The school and college have its own well-stocked books and stationery stores available. The students are not allowed to keep/ use exercise books other than those specially made/printed for School/College and issued by stationery store. It is school/college’s responsibility to see that their prices are not more than that of the market.


Physical training is considered an important factor in the character building and grooming a child. We have well-trained and experienced staff who impart physical training and ensure proper order and discipline during collective outdoor activities which is a part of the school and college time-table.


Well equipped science labs for the subject of chemistry, physics and biology are set up for the students (both boys and girls) so that they can perform experiments and learn the science in the scientific way. Our labs are regular selected as board practical exams every year for all the board classes.


Being conscious of the fact, that our country is an ideological state, and that our faith in Islam has to be inculcated in the young minds, special attention is given to Islamic values of tolerance, universal brotherhood and mutual respect as a human being to the students having different faith. There are many Islamiyat teachers and well trained Qaris, having Masters degrees in Islamic Studies and Arabic.


To make the teaching and pedagogical process more effective and powerful to inculcate the best of method in an easiest way, the av-aids are used for the quick understanding in classroom. The girls and boys institutions have their own well sophisticated laboratories, charts and experimental materials in their laboratories, which can be rightly called the pride of any educational institution. Besides these, there are view-graphs, projectors and frequent out door discussions to make class work interesting and stimulating.


The college has sufficient number of classrooms, well spacious and well-furnished to facilitate the students to get education in a suitable and comfortable atmosphere.


A well-trained sanitary staff remains on toe to provide filth free, clean and healthy environment in the college.


The college premise is fortified with strong walls further secured with barbed wire and being secured by huge number of armed security guards well trained in their trade craft to protect the human assets of the Institution.


We have two spacious exams hall fully equipped with generator and other facilities; Both of our exams hall are selected as center for examination for all board class for both boys and girls every year.


To equip the students with modern technology and make them competent in the race of modern era especially in the field of computer education; the institute has a well-equipped set up and sophisticated computer lab. After the inclusion of Computer science as a subject for Matric & F.Sc, we have also included Computer Training in our scheme of studies, as an optional/elective subject both for the senior and junior classes. Internet facilities also exist in all labs


The college has sufficient number of classrooms, well spacious and well-furnished to facilitate the students to get education in a suitable and comfortable atmosphere. Moreover, all the class are equipped with multimedia teaching tools and other technologies.


Students are prepared for the future. For this purpose, Motivational and capacity building programs are regularly arranged for them. Life Skills, Character Building and Leadership Skills are taught to them as an integral part of the overall grooming. These workshops are not only arranged for students but also for the teachers.


A sufficient number of toilets are available to the students built on standard scale.


Hygienic and fresh food items are made available to students in their break time.


Bright Vision has a diverse range of well-versed and experienced faculty, qualified from national reputed universities.


Every student brings in his or her own experiences and achievements along to make the campus life exuberant.