Admission is granted on merit basis for limited seats for all classes in the start of academic session. Mid session admission is not granted.


Admission is granted on successfully passing with at least 80% in the admission test and Interview.


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Admission committee will do initial screening of all candidates and calls the eligible candidates.



CBT and On-Screen entrance test is conducted. However, Montessori classes are exempted from entrance test and  kids are only interviewed in the presence of their parents.



Those who pass entrance test are called for interview in the presence of parents



Admission is granted or refused purely on merit and according to the availability of seats.


Admission is approved  and orientation training is given before the start of formal attendance of classes.


Themes & Topics for Interview


Career Orientation


Character & Maturity

Talent  & Abilities


Syllabus for  the admission test

Test is SLO based and is usually taken from the common syllabus of the following subjects taught in the previous class.

  • English
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Urdu

Fee Structure

Fee and other funds are charged annually; However, for convenience of parents, where they can not pay lumpsum, installments are also made with the following slabs. There is no question of remission in fee for the period when the institution is closed officially.

Installments for Montessori to SSC

1st Installment 2nd Installment 3rd Installment 4th Installment
April July October January

Installments for F.Sc

1st Installment 2nd Installment 3rd Installment 4th Installment
May August November February

General Fee Regulations

  • Admission fee & Tuition once paid is non-refundable.
  • Fee is charged for full session, so in case of late admission, the previous dues of the session will be deposited.
  • Fee structure is attached with the prospectus/admission form.
  • Scholarship or any another financial support given as scholarship is subject to the conditions mentioned in the scholarship form, failing which, scholarship or fee discount can be withdrawn

Fee Concession

Fee waiver or any discount is granted in special case after full inquiry and need assessment by the fee committee; and when a written application is put up for this purpose. Talented students from the deprived sections of the society are especially encouraged  and supported in Bright Vision.